Exchange: Secondment at Habitat Unit, Berlin

Between June and July, I have spent time at the Technical University of Berlin, hosted by the Habitat Unit.

During this secondment, I had the possibility to:
– co-design the seed module for the community-based research lab;

– learn about the research project Urban-Rural Assembly, which focuses on sustainability processes in the Huangyan-Taizhou region in China;

– meet with the organisers of local participatory development initiatives, such as Prinzessinengärten & Nachbarschaftsakademie, Plangarage at the Dragonerareal, Common(s)lab, Her(r)bergskirchen im Thüringerwald, Werkstatt am Haus der Statistik, Floating University, R-50 co-housing, Torhaus at the Tempelhoferfeld;

– visit spaces that allow for an inclusive experience of the city, such as Cabuwazi Circus on the Tempelhoferfeld, most amazing playgrounds in Neukölln, LPG-Biomarkt, Fête de la Musique, kids cafés such as Kiezkind, pro qm bookshop;

– exchange with Francesco Leone (primo consigliere) and Andra Lichtenstein (cultural affairs) of the Italian Embassy in Berlin, Claudia Banzi of the Kunstgwerbemuseum in Berlin and Italian design theorist Ezio Manzini (as part of the exhibition Design Lab #4, for more see this post)

Thanks to Prof. Philipp Misselwitz and Hannes Langguth for the time in Berlin.