Practice-theory relay: La Foresta – community academy

La Foresta is an open network of organizations, informal groups, individual citizens and the Social Policy Service of the Municipality of Rovereto. It came into being through the desire to create a community academy in the unused spaces of the north wing of the train station of the town of Rovereto (TN).

The network is united by the following principles:
– the need to build spaces for community, exchange and conviviality;
– the need to experiment collectively, making good use of the energies and resources available;
– the desire to create participatory learning situations, involving diverse groups of people;
– the create activities through co-design processes.

As Alpine Laboratory for Community Economies we participate in bi-weekly coordination meetings and various working groups, always contributing with our expertise in the field of community economies, participatory action research and our research-through-design approach. La Foresta is also the local base of the laboratory.
La Foresta is sustained by the Municipality of Rovereto and a project grant by Ufficio Svolta.