Training: Feral Coaching

With artist and trader Kate Rich (UK/AUS), I have embarked on a Feral Business Coaching training course. Kate is a long-time friend and ally, who is also prolifically exploring feminist approaches to re-thinking and re-making the economy.


In Kate’s own words

“the feral business coaching merges materials and understandings from life coaching, arts mentoring, business strategy, feminist economics, dramaturgy, DIY and design. It provides a focused and supportive space in which to think creatively and experimentally about our own ‘business’ trajectories and livelihoods; including potentially sublimated elements such as administration, planning and accounting. It works with the proposition that to effect transformations in our wider business and economic systems we must also rethink our own means, modes and moods of production.”

Embarking on this training also means collaborating with Kate and the other trainees* on defining a Feral Business Coaching Handbook and considering together what formats besides the 1:1 sessions of the coaching can be mobilised to create a diverse range of possibilities for sustaining a livelihood. This collaboration – taking the form of a training and participatory research, which includes coaching allies interested in a diverse and community economies approach – is a fantastic way to cross-fertilise between individual and collective modes of thinking.

Here you can find out more about the Feral Business Research Network Kate is building up:

If you are interested in getting involved as a coachee, please get in touch. This is fun and works!

* My fellow trainees are Gaja Meznaric-Osole (SLO), Maria Pasqualini (IT/BR) and Sebastian Kovac (SLO).

The design of the Feral Business/Livelihood Coaching Business cards is by Gaja Meznaric-Osole.