Proposals for the Vallagarina 2060

Like so many, I’m locked into my home because of Covid-19. In this moment of complete exception, I have the great fortune to be able to spend my time working with the exciting and enpowering proposals that came out of the workshops, where we imagined our valleys in 2060.

In 14 workshops, which took place all across the valley, 85 people imagined the Vallagarina Community as a model territory for sustainable and solidary living practices: after having drawn and discussed individual maps of how one imagines the valley in 40 years’ time, each participant proposed something concrete to place on the map of the future. Here is a photo of the proposals – temporarily arranged in thematic clusters on the magnetic board:


It reassures me to know that all the beautiful heads, who have joined the workshops are already active – in connection with many others – in building desirable futures. And I hope that the crisis we are experiencing at the moment can be a further propellant to make sustainable and solidarity-based ways of life irresistible to the majority.
Here are some close-up photos of all the thematic clusters I’ve taken at the moment. It will be from these that we will start in our next moment of collective thinking – which will be either post state of exception or through some ingenious online method, in case this situation of confinement in one’s own home last much longer than expected.

Transversal values



Enabling spaces and places

Participatory democracy

Heterogeneous networks

Empowering work


Eco-social modes of life

Sustainable agriculture


Eco-social activators

Revolutionised education