Bimbinbosco – one day workshop

A day dedicated to the exploration of forest pedagogy through stories, dialogues and practical experiences. The day was organized in response to the themes that emerged during the Vallagarina 2060 laboratories and was organized in collaboration with Sofia Set and the Sullaterrabenesto association which manages four forest pedagogy kindergartens (age 3-7) in Trentino (IT).

The structure of the day

9:00 Arrival
9:30 Welcome circle
10:15 Introduction and game to get to know each other
11:10 am Little break
11:20 Stories of experiences from the Sullaterrabenesto association
12:30 Lunch

14:00 Working groups: What needs and desires do we have towards education in nature?
15:15 Thematic groups on practical issues related to the initiation of forest pedagogy experiences

16:30 Reflection and next steps
17:00 We say goodbye