Training: Forest pedagogy and community economies

For the next seven months, I’m joining Selima Negro and her enviornmentalist, feminist and antiracist forest pedagogy team on their annual course to learn more about this approach to the world and children.

The course is structured in seven week-ends, where we explore the following themes:
– forest pedagogy in different countries
– immersion in wilderness
– learning as research
– educating community
– emergent programming
– education and risk taking
– live at the basecamp

In every module I will have the chance to ask how the community economies and forest pedagogy intersect and how they can reinforce each other. After taking a permaculture course in 2015 in Leeds, this course allows me to connect to a community of practice that seems close in intention and values.

Where do commons, community economies, permaculture and forest pedagogy meet? Where do they differ? What is lacking here?
Forest pedagogy as education for a post-capitalist present and future?