#biellesevero 2060


We just spent a fantastic week at Cittadellarte in Biella (IT) to work with a group of brilliant highschool students and emerging artists on the future of the territory of Biella. In particular, we were asked to focus on the future of the nature reserve Oasi Zegna and together produced ideas of how people might relate to their territory in 2060 with a multispecies approach. In fact, we imagined a multispecies governance board that would express the needs and desires of the territories multiple inhabitants and visitors.

The project week was part of UNIDEE Residency 2021 and was a completely new format developed in partnership with Fondazione Zegna.

The zine we co-produced brings together our collective thinking: #biellesevero 2060

Young Biellese experts: Anna Robino, Arianna Coppa, Matteo Boretto, Valentina Paolini, Chiara Negro, Younis Benmimoune, Ofelia Genipro, Rebecca Chigioni, Samira Kouhail.

Artists: Camila Aguais, Chiara De Maria, Chiara Sgaramella, Francesco Pavignano, Stefano Volpato.

Mentors: Bianca Elzenbaumer, Chiara Mura, Carlo Bettinelli.

Thanks to Andy Abbott, Cittadellarte and Oasi Zegna for the invititation. Thanks to Clara Tosetti and Annalisa Zegna for the fantastic support throughout the week. Thanks to the local experts – chest & beer makers, foragers, farmers, textile producers, cultural producers, secondary school teachers – who shared their approach to Biella and Oasi Zegna.