Community Economies in Action: A Practice Retreat 2023

Together with the Community Economies Institute we announce an inspiring Practice Retreat: Community Economies in Action. The retreat will be held 12-19 July 2023, in the Italian Alps (in Rovereto, Vallagarina Valley, Italy).

The Practice Retreat is for practitioners from diverse fields (e.g., agroecology, art and design, urbanism, food transformation, crafts, pedagogy, co-housing) as well as practice-oriented PhD students and researchers with a participatory, activist approach.
Participants will learn from each other, mobilise situated knowledge, and share the beauties and blind spots of their projects, initiatives and research. They will forge new alliances, and explore ways of doing, feeling and knowing that value collectivity and interdependence.
The Retreat will be facilitated by CEI researchers and practitioners Bianca Elzenbaumer (IT), Kate Rich (AUS/UK) and Flora Mammana (DE/IT), whose multidisciplinary practices cross between practice and theory, and between individual action and collective contexts.
Participants will reflect on their own practices and projects, engage with key concepts and tools associated with community economies work and explore the following questions:

• How do our practices contribute to the exciting proliferation of economic experimentation and commons? 
• How can we experiment with community economies-friendly rituals, habits and ways of doing in our daily modes of organizing our work and livelihoods – including potentially tricky areas like money and administration? 
• What practices do we use to activate community economies, what theories do we draw on, and what hurdles and possibilities emerge from these theory-practice interweavings?

Participation is welcomed from individuals and from collectives or groups of people who are collaborating in ways that range from informal, peer-to-peer networks to formal organizations or associations.
More information is available here, including information about potential funding sources and the application process (with applications due 27 January 2023).
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Thank you to Justine Hartwig, designer in residence at La Foresta, for the drawing 🙂