Al Masha / Rural Commons @ Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies Course

In late summer, Bianca and Fabio contributed for a week to this year’s Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies (DAAS) at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. This is a year long research-based postmaster course that uses the term decolonization as a critical position and conceptual frame for an architectural and artistic research practice, engaged in social and political struggles.
Campo Paradiso Summer School
Al Masha – Rural Commons
28 August – 10 September 2023 Diso (LE) Italy




This year, the DAAS course’s focus is on al masha / rural commons via the collective investigation of a four-hectare plot of land located in Diso in the south of Italy, co-owned by a group of artists, curators, designers, and researchers interested in exploring collective forms of inhabitation and agroforestry. The land is cultivated in collaboration with Casa delle Agriculture, an organisation composed of farmers, artists and activists aiming to revive abandoned lands; repopulate the countryside; generate solidarity-based economies; and build new cultural and social model of living together. Participants of the DAAS course will be asked to expand the possibilities of rural
commons in complicity with all other life forms.