Research trip & talk: Schwarzatal in Thüringen (DE)

On the 12. August, Bianca shared our ways of organising and working towards eco-social presents and futures in the Lagarina valley at the Zukunftswerkstatt Schwarzatal, Internationale Bauausstellung IBA Thüringen. We connected up with others organizing in rural spaces across Germany. During our stay, we visited the Nature Culture Farm in Bechstedt – run by anthropologist and community organizer Burkhardt Kolbmüller. Burkhardt is active in the maintenance of apple and quinze orchard meadows and in the network of small apple presses.



We also visited Haus Doeschnitz established by our friend Hannes Langguth, who like us, is keen on working with contemporary culture in rural spaces. We discussed questions of how to sustain livelihoods in rural spaces, how to cultivate a sense of connection and hopefulness, how the effects of the climate crisis are being felt in agriculture and the landscape more generally.