Research trip: Agents of Alternatives in Thurø (DK)

This summer, Fabio and Bianca visit Katharina Moebus of Agents of Alternatives, which is a translocal research collective whose mission is to promote and support practices aimed at positive societal change amongst citizens, neighbourhoods and communities. We know Katharina since our studies in Design at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen where we studied together. In 2022 she moved from Berlin to a farm on a small Danish island. Here we were able to go into conversations about feminist post-capitalist ways of living and creating livelihoods. She is also co-author and editor of the Urban Commons Handbook. While being on the island, we explored multispecies inhabitants of the farm.

We also had the pleasure to connect with Jakob Schuckall of Äpfel and Konsorten who cares for orchard meadows across Germany. They reclaim these meadow orchards enable to protect and reforest them in order to preserve the regionally typical biodiversity.